My Core Capsule Wardrobe

I had been aware of the general concept of a capsule wardrobe for most of my life – my mum once had a friend who kept a very minimal capsule wardrobe and I learnt about this through my mum’s horror-story-esque tellings of opening a wardrobe… and there only being 10 things hanging there. But really, it always seemed like some sort of extreme lifestyle to me, the girl who might as well have had her first paychecks made out to H&M. In my youth I loved shopping for clothes and was always after something new, exciting, and most importantly: cheap. As the years went on and I got older, I saw the folly of my ways and grew tired of rummaging through 3 feet high stacks of sweaters every morning, so I did the sensible, adult thing, and transferred all of my shopping issues from clothing… to makeup instead. *slow clap* I know, I know. Leaving aside my makeup shopping habit as a story for another day, what was interesting was that I soon went from the girl who loved getting dressed in the morning and planning whole stories behind outfits, to being someone who just didn’t really care what I wore. I wore the same sort of jeans and a t-shirt day in and day out. Now, of course, there’s nothing inherently wrong with that – if that floats your boat, go for it – but for me I ended up never feeling put together. I ended up owning and wearing a bunch of clothes that were ill-fitting or not flattering, simply because I was too scared to open the “clothes shopping” door again, in case I fell straight back down the rabbit hole.

Then, one day I learnt about Courtney Carver and Project 333 and things started to really make sense for me. Here were a whole bunch of people from all over the world, who clearly loved clothes and getting dressed in the morning – but wanted to enjoy the process in a way that didn’t leave their wallets empty, and the planet’s resources drained. I’m definitely going to write a whole post about my experience with Project 333 – but suffice to say; I absolutely love the concept but just struggled to make it work for me with my current lifestyle, climate, and complete lack of knowledge of what I actually want to wear.

I then came across Signe on YouTube and in turn, her blog Use Less. She uses a different take on the seasonal capsule system; having a sort of  ‘core capsule’ that makes up about 80% of her wardrobe and she wears all year round, and then the remaining 20% of her wardrobe is made up of a mini ‘seasonal capsule’ that she rotates out every 3 months. This is the system I’m currently using and loving – and I’m sure I’ll write a lot more about the whys and hows at another time, but for just now, here’s a quick overview of the items in my Core Capsule Wardrobe, with more detailed posts to come, which I will link in here when the time comes.

overview of the contents of my capsule wardrobe

1// heavy black coat (old and fast fashion) 2// rain coat (old and fast fashion) 3// faux-leather jacket (old and fast fashion) 4// black blazer (thrifted) 5// grey zip-up hoodie (old and fast fashion)

 6// polka dot button-down shirt (thrifted) 7// geometric print button-down shirt (thrifted) 8// white button-down shirt (gift from family member) 9// pajama style button-down shirt (gift from family member) 10// black long-sleeved v-neck top (old and fast fashion) 11// grey long-sleeved v-neck top (old and fast fashion) 12// white long-sleeved v-neck top (old and fast fashion) 13// grey long, thick cardigan (old and fast fashion) 14// black long, thick cardigan (old and fast fashion) 15// black button-down denim pinafore (thrifted)

16// long-sleeved breton stripe top (thrifted) 17// short-sleeved stripe top (old and fast fashion) 18// grey scoop-neck t-shirt (thrifted) 19// thick mono-check t-shirt (thrifted) 20// Mickey graphic t-shirt (old vacation souvenir)

21// black marl cosy sweater (old and fast fashion) 22// black polo neck (old and fast fashion) 23//grey polo neck (old and fast fashion) 24// cosy grey sweater (thrifted) 25// navy tiger-embroidered sweather (old and fast fashion) 26// grey t-shirt dress (old and fast fashion) 27// black t-shirt dress (old and fast fashion)

28// black skinny jeans (gift from a family member) 29// blue skinny jeans (old and fast fashion) 30// grey skinny jeans (old and fast fashion) 31// old-school mom jeans (thrifted) 32// grey denim skirt (old and fast fashion) 33// grey “velvet” skater skirt (old and fast fashion) 34// black skater skirt (thrifted) 35// black dotted jersey skirt (old and fast fashion)

 36// black lace up boots (old and fast fashion) 37// grey Converse hi-tops (thrifted) 38// Chelsea boots (old and fast fashion) 39// black pointed-toe flats (old and fast fashion) 40// Dr Martens wonderflora-print canvas boots (from the children’s section because I have tiny feet)

I know that in these kinds of posts it’s typical for the blogger to link to each item in case people want to know more about it or to buy it, but I’ve chosen not to link here. Most of the pieces are old and not available now anyway, and basically they are all fast fashion that I have bought either on the High Street before I knew any better, or that I thrifted. As time goes on and my budget expands, I really look forward to being able to shop from more ethical companies and to share reviews of my new purchases here with you all, but with my current budget it’s thrifting all the way, which is enormous fun for me, but not as easy to share links for online!

I currently have 40 items in my Core Capsule Wardrobe, and a further 10 in my Seasonal Capsule – bringing the total to, obviously, 50. This is still a lot of clothing, and I think more than most folks have in their capsule, but for me, just starting out, and with not a lot of idea of what my daily style looks like, I’m OK with having some more options for just now. It’s still a far cry from the creaking shelves and overloaded rails I used to try and work with.

As a newbie to using a capsule system like this, I do expect the contents to change from time to time. While I’m sure I’ll write posts documenting this as I go, I wanted to just make this page to have a permanent image of exactly what I’m working with. Of course, each time I swap out an item, I’ll update the image, so this can always be a sort of reference point.

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