I Will (Hopefully) Not be Living in Skinny Jeans this Winter

Skinny jeans winter denim cold chilly cullottes trousers pants

Despite what I told my mother when she bought me first pair of skinny jeans in my early teens, I actually HAVE gotten down with the skinny jean trend, and very, very much so. Sorry mum (but calling them “drain pipe jeans” wasn’t really helping…). In fact, I liked the skinny jean trend so much I moved in with it and we share a Netflix account and a toothbrush. We’ve been living together now for more than a decade for better and for worse. And to be fair, there are a lot of positives to skinny jeans – I feel confident and comfy in them (I think I’ve just gotten used to not having circulation in my feet when I sit down), and it’s oh so easy to throw on some black skinny jeans and a cute sweater and still look put together.

In terms of downsides though, there are a few, like when the crotch completely rips out of your skinny jeans as you crouch down in a very public place (‘cos that’s not just me, right?), but I think the main one, for me, with the delightful Scottish climate I live in – is being FREEZING cold in skinny jeans all winter long.

I actually take dressing for the cold quite seriously – I own thermals, multiple pairs of thermals – I am almost certainly not leaving the house without a scarf between October and March, and I wear more chunky socks than… ok, I’m not sure where I was going with that tbh. But anyway, my point is, that generally I consider myself quite a sensible (read: old lady) dresser when it comes to the winter months, but I always feel like a bit of an idiot, because my head is warm, my toes are toasty… and I can’t feel my legs. Damn you skinny jeans!!

Now obviously, depening on the type/fit of skinny jeans you go for, maybe you can layer thermals/leggings under them, I wear mostly Molly Jeggings from River Island and they do not take kindly to me trying to layer them. I look like a sausage with too much meat inside the casing. And I can’t bend my knees so I sort of walk like a cowboy. It’s a weird look.

Anyway, the point of all this is to say that this winter I shall not be alternating between numb penguin shuffle and robot cowboy walking, this winter, I shall be wearing other trousers.(I’m listening to quite an intense piece of piano music as I write this, so in my head I’m getting this climactic build up… so just pretend with me, ok?).

So far, I don’t own an awful lot of other options – I have one pair of very retro style mom jeans that I thrifted earlier this year, and I definitely look forward to tucking some knits into them – but other than that, it’s skinny jeans all the way. Having worn nothing but skinny jeans for about 13 years, it’s hard to know where to start. Do I want something with a paper bag waist? Do I want cullottes? What are cullottes?

I’ve turned to good ol’ Pinterest and put together a board that is oh so creatively named “Trouser Inspo”, and I’m beginning to get a feel for what I’m drawn to. Problem is, a lot of what I’m drawn to seems to involve exposed ankles – and that’s not going to work around here in winter. Do you have any tips on making ankle-showing trousers wearable in the cold? Do I get “statement socks”, do I get taller boots that can go, like, under them? Is that a thing? Send help pls.

So, yeah, please have a rummage through my Pinterest board and let me know what you think – I’m open to all tips, tricks and pointing out the obvious: such as the fact it’s concerning that at 27 I don’t understand the basics of trousers. That’s it for now but I’m sure I’ll report back soon with some photos of me looking confused while wearing what may, or may not, be cullottes.

4 thoughts on “I Will (Hopefully) Not be Living in Skinny Jeans this Winter

  1. I was definitely feeling the rising tension!!

    As a dress and skirt person I feel you on the chilly legs. At the end of last winter I invested in some serious cold weather hiking boots. I am admittedly not actually hiking in these boots, unless you count the trudge through dead leaves to get to the corner to catch a bus. I am using their Rated To 0*C to protect my legs! I think you could probably tuck really skinny jeans into them, but that might be a very mid 2000 sort of look.

    I also own leg warmers! Very Flash Dance I know, but with booties on they look like knee socks. And I don’t know if that’s better now that I’m thinking about it.

    I think I will wear one of my leg warmer sets tomorrow!

    Good luck!
    To The Big Top


    1. Hi!
      Thanks for coming over and having a read!
      That’s a good idea about getting some “proper” boots for leg protection – I’ve worn basically only ankle booties for years and I think I had forgotten that higher/warmer boots were a thing! I’ll for sure look into it!
      Leg wamers are a good point too – last time I saw one of my friends she was wearing like thick, hiking knee socks, over sheer nylon tights and I actually really liked the vibe. I thought it gave the look a sort of “urban winter” vibe.
      What sort of leg warmers do you own? Did you go for like thermal/proper ones? (I have no idea if thats a thing!)
      Thanks again for taking the time to read,


      1. I have knitted ones. The bit that shows look just like cable knit socks. I had a difficult time finding some locally, I am 6 feet tall, and even long ones were too short for me. In the end googled Tall Knitted Leg Warmers and bought a set I liked of etsy!

        Maybe you could modify a set of knee socks? I’m not crafty so I wouldn’t, but you might get good results!

        To The Big Top


      2. Ah knitted ones, that actually sounds good and they do make a lot of sense when I think about it! Thanks for the tip!
        Definitely think I’ll be having a look on Etsy as well as how I might go about DIYing some… food for thought!


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